Focus on creating, let Frase drive your research

Frase is an AI Research Assistant for content marketers and teams

"Frase helps us produce long-form research-based content, faster"

— Bill Schick, Co-Founder at MESH Content Marketing

Contextual language understanding to supercharge your research

Frase uses proprietary technology to understand relationships between key entities mentioned in your documents, like organizations, people, products or concepts. Frase's contextual language understanding powers your writing and research environment with AI.

"Structuring large amounts of text can help you better understand what you've researched about in the past, and forecast what you should write about in the future"

— Walter Frick, Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review

Analyze your market with large-scale summarization and visualizations

Easily import content streams from your competitors and media outlets to identify trends and topic opportunities.

"Frase helps us decide what to write about next"

— Luis Hernandez, CEO at Uptodown

Write and Research, simultaneously

The Frase word processor learns from your writing in real-time to deliver contextual research.

"Frase's Research Assistant Ends the Need for Writers to Keep a Million Tabs Open"

— Dylan Martin, Tech Writer at Bostinno

Your content creation workflow, on steroids

Frase is designed to tie up all the steps of your content creation process, from market research to publishing.

Learn faster with document summarization

All contents recommended by Frase come summarized. Summaries include a bulleted summary, statistics mentioned in the document, and other key metadata. Read less, learn more.

Team collaboration

Organize your writing and research in theme-based channels. Discuss ideas and collect feedback.

Integrated with

Write on Frase, publish anywhere

Publish directly into Wordpress, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Google Drive, and more integrations coming soon. Retrieve performance metrics back into Frase to understand what works and what doesn't.

Become a knowledge creator

Frase's mission is to organize the way we generate knowledge. We are a Boston-based company currently working with a select group of marketing agencies, content marketers, market researchers and overall deep thinkers. We believe Frase will help them be more productive and creative at research. We understand leading organizations must share knowledge and invest in word class long-form, research-based content production.

— The Frase Team