AI-assisted Content Creation

"Frase is like having a second brain. It is NLP on steroids."

Write faster with an AI-powered Research Assistant

The Frase Research Assistant learns from your writing and summarizes sources. It saves you from going back and forth between web browser and text editor.

Automatic summarization helps you quickly skim articles and decide whether they are worth reading. As part of each summary, Frase recommends topics that provide ideas during the content creation process.

I got done a story proposal in 5 minutes that would have taken me 1 hour before.

Rachel Brooks, Freelance Writer

Write and research in the same place

Browse content - news, blogs, YouTube, Wikipedia, Slideshare and Twitter - without leaving your text editor.

Automatic summarization

Every web article is automatically summarized by the Research Assistant.

Topic recommendations

For a given research theme, Frase recommends the most important topics your story should mention with SEO in mind.

Publish to your CMS

Integrate Frase with third-party platforms, including WordPress, HubSpot and MailChimp.

Organize your documents

Frase documents are organized in collaborative channels, allowing for team collaboration.

Document versioning

Every change made to your documents is safely stored. Optionally, you can save backup copies to Google Drive.

NLP tools for large scale content analysis

Frase analyzes thousands of news sites and blogs to give you an enriched and flexible data feed.

Our NLP models extract over 25 structured data points from every article, including advanced topic extraction, summarization and genre classification, among others.

Frase's topic analysis has proven to be a differentiator when performing content audits and digital marketing strategy.

Bill Schick, Founder at Mesh Agency


Create highly customized monitoring systems with Boolean queries.

Web crawling

With Frase you can crawl websites or custom datasets of urls to extract structured data.

Content aggregation

Integrate Frase Monitors with your CMS to create public-facing content aggregators.


Take advantage of Frase's NLP tools and data index to power your own applications.