A faster way to write and research

Frase's word processor learns from your writing and delivers contextual research to help you stay focused and productive.

Dylan Martin, Bostinno

"Frase acts as a word processor that runs from your web browser, and it uses natural language processing to identify key topics and research sources. In other words, it builds its own knowledge graph as you type."

Monitor the web with summarization

When you are doing research, it is easy to waste time browsing sources that are not relevant to you. Summarization helps you quickly skim articles and decide whether they are worth reading.

Follow your favorite publishers, blogs and Google Alerts. Set advanced filters to monitor contents and deliver daily newsletters.

Organize your document workflow in shared boards

Frase provides a flexible way to manage your documents:

  • Invite collaborators, assign deadlines and preview in calendar.
  • Manage content submissions and simplify your editorial review process.
  • Publish directly to your preferred CMS (Wordpress, Hubspot, Medium, etc.)

Text analytics for content strategy

Are you looking to understand what certain companies or publishers have said during the last few years? What are the keys topics driving their content? Which of these topics generate higher public attention?

With Frase you can crawl entire websites and perform advanced text analysis for competitor analysis, topic extraction and content auditing.

Use survey data to create research-driven content

Primary research from surveys can really make your content stand out in today’s information overload. Frase democratizes access to survey data by letting you launch quick and targeted surveys.

Reach your audience with filters like:

  • Geography
  • Age and Gender
  • Income and Education level

Today, every company wants to be a "thought leader". There is no work-around: if you want to grow into a leader, you have to read and write widely.

Research is time consuming. Writing is not easy. However, if you want to be discovered, you must go through the process of transferring your thoughts, ideas and research into paper. We are building Frase to make this process remarkable.

Tommy, Co-founder at Frase