Your AI-powered Research Assistant

Frase develops AI technology capable of reading content to analyze topics, summarize information and find answers. For knowledge workers spending countless hours doing manual investigation across internal documents or the open web, Frase helps you research faster and streamline your workflow.

Turn web content into data

Everyday, Frase processes tens of thousands of web articles, which allows Frase to stay current on topics, trends and summaries. By turning disorganized web information into structured data, Frase provides assistance in the following workflows:

  • Content Creation
  • Newsletters
  • SEO Briefing
  • Content Audits

Turn web search results into structured data for analysis

  • Extract and classify the top topics mentioned across web pages
  • Understand key relationships and overlapping perspectives
  • Skim through information faster with automatic summarization

“When creating authoritative content, you always go through the process of analyzing the top Google search results for your target query. Frase reads the top 20 results and automatically gives me a well rounded understanding of the key topics and perspectives I should care about. I can then take this information and focus on strategy.” - Fernando Nikolic, Digital Marketer

Frase Developers

Interested in bringing the power of Frase to your own applications?

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